Ant Robotics

Robotic Solutions for On-demand Material Handling
at Factories and Manufacturing Facilities

Will My Business Benefit
from Ant Robotics Solutions?

Ant Robotics solutions are meticulously designed to address the specific needs and challenges most manufacturing companies face today.
Hiring challenges

In current labor market landscape, American manufacturers struggle to hire entry-level workers for technically simple yet labor-intensive work, such as moving dollies, handling pallets, and operating forklifts.

With Ant Boy™, your do not depend on labor market.
Increasing cost pressure
As wages and operational costs go up, the fight for gross margins and net profits intensifies every year. Ant Robotics products come along with low cost of ownership and clear price structure.

With Ant Robotics, you benefit from early return of investments and continuously accumulating economy effect.
Vendor lock-in

Many robotic solutions are incompatible with each other. This creates additional barrier for automation at manufacturing companies, with further challenges upgrading and replacing robotic fleets.

Ant BOSS™ works with variety of robotic vendors, thus providing additional flexibility and peace of mind for decision makers and operating personnel.
Safety and security

In US alone, nearly 500 thousand work-related injuries and fatalities are registered every year. This costs employers almost 20 billion.

Ant Robotics solutions are specifically designed to safely work among live workers. At the same time, they reduce the need for labor-intensive, injury-risky operations.
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