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Self-Driving Robots for Material Handling
at Factories and Assembly Facilities

Our robots grab and move hand pallet trucks and trolleys —
exactly like human workers do!
Adopt automation in your material handling operations,
before your competitors have done the same.

Tackle staff shortage

Retain fewer employees

Eliminate great safety risk related to material handling

Reduce material handling cost (save up to $80,000 per robot per year)

Ant Robotics' solutions are designed for complex, dynamic manufacturing environments,

and address the specific needs and challenges most production businesses face today.

Forget Hiring Challenges
In today's labor market landscape, manufacturers struggle to hire entry-level workers for simple yet labor-intensive material handling work, such as moving dollies, handling pallets.

Ant Robotics' robotic solutions ease your dependency on labor market. One Ant Boy™ robot substitutes up to 2 full time employees, which allows you to increase essential personnel and take more orders.
Combat Cost Pressure
As wages and operational costs go up, the fight for margins and profits intensifies every year. Our products come along with low cost of ownership and clear price structure.

With Ant Robotics, you benefit from early return of investments and continuously accumulating economy effect. Your investments into Ant Robotics' material handling solution may return as soon as in 30 months.
Get Rid of Vendor Lock-in
Many robotic solutions are incompatible with each other. This creates an additional barrier for automation at manufacturing companies, and challenges upgrading robotic fleets.

Ant Boss™, Ant Robotics' robot orchestration software system, works with variety of robotic vendors, thus providing additional flexibility and peace of mind for decision makers and operating personnel.
Improve Workforce Safety
In US alone, nearly 500 thousand work-related injuries and fatalities are registered every year. This costs employers almost 20 billion. Work in certain zones requires additional protection equipment.

Ant Robotics' solutions are specifically designed to safely 'cohabitate' with human workers and avoid collisions of any sort. At the same time, they reduce the need for labor-intensive, injury-risky operations.

What's Included

Ant Boy™ Robots
Equipped with innovative, full-function coupling devices to maneuver and move pallet jacks, carts, trolleys, and other hand-operated wheeled units.
Ant BOSS™ Software
Robot orchestration software system that manages the robotic fleet, ensures optimal performance, while providing you with full transparency and control.
Ant Power™ Charging Stations
Quick and energy-efficient, so your robots are always up and running. All charging operations are controlled by the Ant BOSS™ system.
Tablet PC's for Operators
Installed at machines, staging areas, work benches, and other posts served by robots. A simple, intuitive interface allows to easily call and release robots.
Free Estimation / Consultation
Before starting each project, we help you to determine its scope, amount of operations, and potential ROI – so you can make conscious decision.
Value Added Services
Examples are: building custom robots to address your specific needs; tracking your material handling efforts; and more. Just ask us.
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